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Asemic Writing

10-Page Excerpt from an Asemic Book @ The New Post-Literate

"Something Sketched by a Forlorn Sailor aboard a Xebec": A Piece of Asemic Microfiction @ The New Post-Literate


"at the bar / behind the wheel / into the night / beyond the image" @ experiential-experimental-literature


Asemic Writing

Untitled Asemic Remix @ The New Post-Literate

Asemic Response to the Statements of Alexander Jorgensen @ The New Post-Literate

"Introduction to Vispo by Billy Collins" in Rem Magazine Volume 2 December 2011


compostable from chalk editions

When Empurpled from Pteron Press


"Open: A Literary Remix of Saki's 'The Open Window'" in Gone Lawn Issue 4 Summer 2011


Two Poems @ experiential-experimental-literature

"[b]l [w]w" @ experiential-experimental-literature

"Notes" @ Internet Poetry

"of grammar otherwiS'e" @ experiential-experimental-literature

"best four years of your life" @ Internet Poetry

"Help a Friend" @ Internet Poetry

Six Pwoermds in Red Lightbulbs Issue 2

Three Poems [with Keith Higginbotham] in Otoliths Issue 21

"you don't even know it" [with Jackson Nieuwland] @ experiential-experimental-literature

"The Day After" @ Internet Poetry

Excerpt from When Empurpled @ experiential-experimental-literature

Found Facebook Poem @ Internet Poetry

"dragon daisies" @ Poetry by Emily Dickinson

"Blue" @ Poetry by Emily Dickinson

"I'm Drowning" @ Hip Hop Hooray Press

« boule de hamster pour le monde » de Diana Salier (traduit en français par Matt Margo et 'Guillaume Morissette') @ Everyday Genius


Asemic Writing

Two Excerpts from an Asemic Novel in moria poetry journal volume 13, issue 4/volume 14, issue 1 spring/summer 2011 THE ASEMIC ISSUE

Asemics + Pwoermds @ The New-Post Literate


Word/Art from #imgaypress

Child of Tree from white sky ebooks

Foreword in Billy Bob Beamer’s Dead in Ethyl from white sky ebooks


"I Stare at this Photograph and, Believing that I May Finally Understand How Two Individuals Are Sometimes Able to Be in the Presence of Each Other and Feel Okay despite Grave Existential Differences that Would Otherwise Separate Them Entirely, Retreat Back to My Bedroom of Near-Total Darkness Where I Will Read a Book of Asemic Writing until I Fall Asleep" @ RiverLit

"Bags" @ (Short) Fiction Collective

[excerpt from Twitter novel with Jackson Nieuwland] in Red Lightbulbs Issue 9


"Sky Cinema" [with Keith Higginbotham] in Guerilla Pamphlets Volume 20

Ten Pwoermds @ experiential-experimental-literature

"Password" @ Unsure if I will allow my beard to grow for much longer

"snow monster" in Screaming Seahorse Issue 4

Three Haiku @ New Wave Vomit

One Haiku in Issue 10 / Two Haiku in Issue 11 @ Haiku Journal

Exquisite Corpse in Blue & Yellow Dog Issue 9 Summer 2012

"a topical poem" in Hipster Jesus Unicorn Issue 1

"In Gary, Indiana" in Have U Seen My Whale Issue 2

Two Poems in Sadcore Dadwave Issue 3

"girl country television reality" [with Joe Bussiere] @ experiential-experimental-literature

"AERO" in Otoliths Issue 26

"lovePOÈME" @ experiential-experimental-literature

Three Visual Haiku @ Internet Poetry

Algorithmic Erasure Poems @ experiential-experimental-literature

Two Poems @ Metazen

Two Poems [with Keith Higginbotham] in Red Lightbulbs Issue 9

"two young people at the edge of a cliff" @ Keep This Bag Away From Children

Four Poems @ Truck

"villanelle written to john cage's suite for toy piano" in Bravehost Poetry Review Issue 1


Asemic Writing

Two Untitled Pieces @ Truck

Asemic Sculpture @ The New Post-Literate


Color Poems, or An Encyclopedia of Modernity from Blank Space Press 

Creative Nonfiction

"Checkup" in Small Victories 005


"Okayish" in Small Victories 005

"One for each Year" @ RiverLit


Two Poems [with Keith Higginbotham] in Eratio Issue 16

"i deserve to live an unhappy life" @ PressBoardPress

Six Pwoermds @ experiential-experimental-literature

34 Pwoermds @ Truck

Four Poems [with Keith Higginbotham] @ ditch,

"&&&&&&&" in Sunlit Issue 1

"White Poem" @ Extreme Writing Community

"gatorade" @ On Barcelona

"Family Poem" in Small Victories 005

"bodies of 60% water" in Screaming Seahorse Issue 9

"this poem a tiny chair" @ experiential-experimental-literature



When Empurpled: An Elegy from Pteron Press

Judd from opcode press

what i would say from Peanut Gallery Press


Excerpt from When Empurpled: An Elegy @ HTMLGIANT

"they told me i could be anything i wanted to be, so i killed myself" in Anime Dad Review Issue 1

"blessa" @ Electric Cereal

"the glorious inexplicability of feeling some type of way" @ Electric Cereal

"foe tha love of this" @ HTMLGIANT

Six Short Poems @ Millennial Garbage

"elegies lost and found" in Sugar Mule Issue 47

Untitled Poem at 22nd Century Literature

"owwowlowblow" and "The Actual Gravel of Our Menstrual Detectives" in Of/with Issue 1

"sunkist ayn rand" @ experiential-experimental-literature

Three Poems [with Keith Higginbotham] @ On Barcelona

"verisimilitude," "had," and "photophilia" in Poetry Pacific Issue 3.3

"Vanessa Place: 'Conceptualism is Feminism; Feminism is Conceptualism'" @ Extreme Writing Community

Haiku in Welter Issue 50 Fall 2014



"Not Tomorrow, Tonight" @ The Heavy Contortionists

"At a Loss" @ Be About It


"Tanka for My Unhappy Friends" @ The Heavy Contortionists

"i left my house today" and "a fun activity for a sunday afternoon:" @ Sprout Zine

"the wake" and "the wanderer" in Bottlec[r]ap Volume 2

"pothole nutbreaker" and "S C R I P T : a useless poem" in Of/with Issue 2

"bombshell vocations" and "do-it-yourself make-a-wish foundation" @ Dead Snakes

"Ulysses Hyphenated" @ experiential-experimental-literature

"10 Lil Ghosts" and Untitled Glitch Poem @ Truck

"lines shifting" and "zombie enby" @ UFO Gigolo

"Every Movie I Watched in 2014" in Alien Mouth November 2015


Asemic Writing

"raincloud" @ The New Post-Literate


"reality beach #1," "reality beach #2," and "reality beach #3" in Reality Beach Issue One

"solstice sonnet (summer)," "solstice sonnet (winter)," "mobile television (a)," "mobile television (b)," "White Poem," and "Green Poem" @ UndergroundBooks

"The Bill Amending the Career Plan" @ The Helios Mss

"transient" and "animal" in Transient Animal Issue 1

"fog" and "machine" @ Fog Machine

Three Micro-Poems in TL;DR magazine

"iconic" and "lit" @ Iconic Lit

"helios" @ The Helios Mss

"cages" and "yapp" @ X-Peri

"futures" and "trading" in Futures Trading Issue 4.3

"ice cream paint job: a triptych" @ In Between Hangovers

"erase ahead" @ Truck

"sea" and "foam" in Sea Foam Magazine November 2016

"crab" and "fat" in Crab Fat Magazine December 2016

"Action and Circumstance" in The Internet Is Present



yr yr from Ghost City Press


Twenty One-Word Poems in Brave New Word Issue 3

Three Asemic Pwoermds in TL;DR magazine

"mobile television (a)," "Where is the blue," and "mobile television (b)" @ Watermelon Isotope [new link coming soon]

"one of the few benefits of being transgender" @ In Between Hangovers

"why i used to bite my fingernails" @ In Between Hangovers

"a work of art found on the art," "a work of art that disguises itself as something other than a work of art," and "two more works of art" in TL;DR magazine

"language," "sleep," and "enby" in Brave New Word Autumn Special Issue



Pennine Hillsongs (The Haunted Mask II) from Ghost City Press


"my gender autocompleted" in Dream Pop Issue 3

"blue ghost open close open," "pennines," "no dispute," and "song for xan" in Otoliths Issue 49

"100 words im spiegel" and "simile" @ experiential-experimental-literature

Two Untitled Visual Poems @ Five 2 One Magazine

"my main new year's resolution is to police my own thought-crimes" and "all my friends are dead // everyone is my friend" @ Philosophical Idiot



road road road road road from ma press